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Balancing Work, School, Friends, Motherhood, and Marriage

  Work life balance is very difficult. This is especially true for new mothers. The days seem to bleed into each other. The nights are never long enough and you are always exhausted! Before you know it the baby needs a diaper change, your assignment is late, and there is no food in the house! […]

Amber Rose Speaks About Her Life as a Stripper

Former Stripper Amber Rose opened up about her experiences as an ex – stripper. She stated: ‘I get ridiculed constantly,’‘I get harassed so much in the club…it doesn’t matter what I have on..they’ll kind of like go underneath and like grab my ass, girls and guys,’ I was a stripper for a long time and […]

What a Difference a Decade Can Make!

How do you think you will look in 10 years? Check out theses popular Nollywood Actresses in 2005. 

Toyin Lawani Looking Gorgeous in RED

Designer Toyin Lawani shows off how she styles one of her designs into a day and night look. Check it out!

Left Right Before the Alter #AskMrsO

  Dear Mrs Ofoegbu, Im in desperate need of help! I have been seeing my fiancé for a year. We have been in a long distance relationship. He lives in Ohio and I live in Maryland. We still get to see each other often even though we are separate. In my opinion everything in the […]

Stop Dating Men in the Same Circle

Dating different men in the same circles is something many women are guilty of doing. This is a big mistake! Don’t do it sister!  If Tony, Jide, Bobby and  Bola all know each other trust me they have had a conversation about you! You probably will not get a different result in any of the relationships. […]

How to Lose a Husband

We all know that 40 – 50 percent of marriages in America end in divorce.  Maybe if people knew the warning signs of divorce or the major causes there would be more long lasting marriages. A happy home is good for the physical and emotional well being of you, your spouse, and your children. We […]

Vex Money!

Vex money is the money a woman takes with her in case the date goes bad! For example you meet a guy at the club and you exchange numbers. You guys having been gisting for a week or so when he finally asks you out on a dinner date. However, you don’t know this guy […]

Striking Resemblance !

With everyone using the same exact makeup technique’s a lot of people are starting to look too similar. If you haven’t heard of Snap Chat Sensation Brobriskyy your “sleeping on top bicycle.” Many people have commented on his striking resemblance to Youtubber and TV personality Toke Makinwa. Do you think they look alike?

No Romance Without Finance

We all know money is one of the top five issues that cause divorce. I recently ran across an episode of Moments entitled No Romance Without Finance! It was a very interesting topic to say the least. I almost wish they had more time to go deeper into the topic. Be sure to click  the link […]