Stop Dating Men in the Same Circle

Dating different men in the same circles is something many women are guilty of doing. This is a big mistake! Don’t do it sister!  If Tony, Jide, Bobby and  Bola all know each other trust me they have had a conversation about you! You probably will not get a different result in any of the relationships.

Look outside of where you have easy access to. You don’t know what the old guy will tell the current guy. Don’t limit yourself. Look for someone that will look at you as something new and exotic. Don’t lose that new babe sparkle. Guys want to show you off to their friends. But if all of their friends know you who will they show you off to? You will be the same dull Tinuke that has dated Bobby, Jide, and Bola.

For example, lets say you’ve just moved to Atlanta. You met and started dating a guy named Bobby. It didn’t work out. Bobby and Jide have the same mutual friend Paul. It is not advisable to date Jide because Paul will tell him what happened in your previous relationship with Bobby. Paul may even say things that are not true or exaggerated  because he will be speaking from Bobby’s point of view.


Paul already feels he knows your life story and may even block any potential relationship you would have had with Jide. Even if Jide decides to date you it might only be for the sake of  chase and conquest. Always remember guys gossip more than ladies! You will be so surprised what the guys in your circle already know about you.

When you date guys that are in the same circle it taints you. You no longer have your brand new babe sparkle. You’ve “been around.” Even if you’ve only dated two or three people in your entire life because all of them are in the same circle you may seem like your an easy target. Dating outside of your circle also allows you to date as many men as you feel comfortable with without being judged. Nobody will know your track record besides you!

hip-hop-1209499__180Date out of your comfort zone. Find interest in someone you might not have looked at before. Let a friend set you up on a blind date. It may work out. But don’t keep dating the same guys in the same circles. They have the same mentality, opportunities, and maturity level. The relationship will likely have the same or similar issues and results.

In current times , social media makes it particularly easy to meet guys out of your circle. Its easy to find a guy with the same interests, likes, and cultural values online. You can also find out about different places to meet guys eligible  here.

Have you ever dated guys that knew each other? What was the result? Would you do it again?

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