Places to Meet Eligible Guys

Its becoming harder and harder to find single men!  It seems like all the good ones are taken! Rather than becoming desperate or settling check out some of these common places to meet eligible bachelors.


1. Weddings!!!!!!

Weddings are one of the best places to meet great guys. Guys that might not usually visit high traffic places like clubs and bars will often go to weddings. The groom normally has a hefty amount of eligible friends that will be there. If you meet a guy at a wedding you can also gage his social standing by the type of wedding it is. Love is already in the air so its the perfect romantic setting to meet your next match!

2. Online 

This might not be for ladies that are very shy or reserved. You also have to be VERY careful before meeting anyone you find online. None the less the internet is becoming an easy way to meet guys. You can meet a WIDE range of men online. Social networks such as Twitter make it easy to “slide in the DM ” and make a connection.

 3. Church

If your looking for a traditional classic man church is always a good place to look. Women have been finding their husbands in the pews for ages! Obviously this is not a reason to go and join a church if you don’t already attend one. However, if you are a frequent church goer take a second look at some of the guys that attend, you might be surprised.

4. College

I personally found my husband at our University. College is an easy way to find someone with similar interest and goals. Take a look around your campus. You never know what you might find.

5. Friends

This is one of the easiest ways to meet a guy. Your friend can pair you up with someone that fits your interests. Simply let one of your friends that is very social know that you are interested in finding someone. That person can think of some of the eligible guys they know and possibly pair you up.

6. House Parties or Dinners

Its better to look for a mate at a house party or dinner rather than a club or bar. People you meet at dinners and house parties are often more serious about the potential relationship in the long run.

What other interesting places have you found single men?


  1. you need to include the
    that’s where I meet my hubby


  2. you need to include the
    that is where I meet my hubby


  3. you need to include the
    that’s where I met my hubby


    1. lol yes thats also a good place!


  4. […] In current times , social media makes it particularly easy to meet guys out of your circle. Its easy to find a guy with the same interests, likes, and cultural values online. You can also find out about different places to meet guys eligible  here. […]


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