Gaining Weight After Marriage

Most women want to be a slim hot babe! But when life hits you its not always easy to eat clean and exercise. This can be especially true after getting married. Between work, children, friends, family, keeping your home in order, and keeping your man happy staying fit can fall by the wayside.

Some reasons women gain weight after marriage include:

1. Feeling I have “locked him down” no need to keep up appearances

This is the fastest way to lose your husband sister! A lot of people will pick up the mentality of  “I’m already married. Who am I looking good for?” Just because your married doesn’t mean you should turn from lepa to orobo over night. Its not fair. Don’t allow certainty and comfort to make you fat and unkept! belly-2354__180

2. Eating out of frustration

Unfortunately, if you find yourself in a loveless marriage you might start eating out of frustration. Some people deal with anxiety by trying to eat away their feelings. This will not help anything.

3. “Love Handles”

In a marriage filled with love sometimes the wife will make delicious meals and treats for her husband. While she is preparing it for him she is also eating it herself! Causing her to change her normal eating patterns and gain  marriage weight! This is especially true if your cooking African food! That poundo and amala weight is bound to catch up with you at some point! Avoid church mother arms eat in small portions.

4. Pregnancy

A more obvious and inevitable reason women gain weight after marriage is pregnancy. However, getting pregnant doesn’t mean you automatically become a whale over night! You can try to manage your cravings during pregnancy and gain minimal weight. Afterwards you would just have to diet to shed a few pounds. Breastfeeding is also a great way to lose weight after pregnancy. scale-403585__180.jpg

Here are 10 tips to avoid gaining weight after marriage

  1. Not eating while watching TV
  2. Keeping track of your weight. Have a scale in your home and use it!
  3. Adjust your portions on your plate
  4. Limit how often you dine out and order in
  5.  Eat plenty of greens
  6. Plan your weekly meals
  7. Work out together
  8. Take walks together
  9.  Set a day out of the week to only drink water
  10. Have a fitness group with some of your friends

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