Women of recent times are becoming more and more independent. But what of those women that still believe in the old school methods of getting money? How do you get big bucks from guys? Up and coming Nigerian Youtubber Jaaruma recently covered this topic in her blog. Her argument is that women should “hold themselves” in order to get men to give up big bucks. dollar-1362244__180

Its seems as if this method has vanished from society lol. Millennial women feel that they can have one night stands, toast men, and even be the bread winner in the relationship. Which honestly there is nothing wrong with. However, sometimes a lady just wants to be spoiled. Jaaruma’s argument is that women should make men work as hard as possible before giving up the “cookie.” The old school method of making him work for it. Theres no big secret.

Men of recent have also created the term” gold digger” so they can get what they want and not pay! Don’t be foolish. There is no secret recipe to getting a guy hooked on you. Everyone appreciates what they work hard for. Anything that is too easy will always be take for granted. Keep that in mind with all things!

What do you feel about getting guys to pay the bills is this a thing of the past? Leave your comment


Mrs Ofoegbu

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