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Double Dipping

Reader Writes: I am in a terrible situation. My best friend has been dating her boyfriend on and off for the last 2 years. She really loves him but he doesn’t love her or want her anymore. They constantly fight about the dumbest things. They clearly aren’t meant for each other. He even cheated on […]

Seven Children With a Different Man!

Dear Mrs O. You won’t believe the story I’m about to tell you. Please make sure I am kept anonymous! Things have been crazy in my house these past few weeks. The story is not really about me but my boyfriend. So my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 years now. He […]

My Mother In Law Hates Me! #AskMrsO

Dear Mrs O. Any advice at this point would REALLY be helpful. Im convinced my mother in law hates me. I don’t want to ask my friends for help because I do not want them in my matrimonial affairs. I also do not want to ask my own mother for advice because she is the type that […]

My Boyfriend Kicked Me Out

  Readers Entry: Response: Firstly, I am SO sad to hear that your friend is going through this. Unfortunately many young women find themselves in this situation, especially young college girls. This is why its very important to try and always have some type of  vex money! Women find themselves doing things that they would have […]

Left Right Before the Alter #AskMrsO

  Dear Mrs Ofoegbu, Im in desperate need of help! I have been seeing my fiancé for a year. We have been in a long distance relationship. He lives in Ohio and I live in Maryland. We still get to see each other often even though we are separate. In my opinion everything in the […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go? #AskMrsO

Dear Mrs O. I like your point of view on most topics. Im hoping you can help me with this. Im 23 years old. My boyfriend of 3 years is 29. My boyfriend is great guy. He comes from a great family and has a very good job. He treats me well and I usually don’t […]

I Let Him Out The Friend Zone!

Dear Mrs. O Hello! I love your blog! I thought to ask you about this terrible shameful situation that I’ve found myself in. I met this guy at my University library. We really hit it off as friends. After a while we found out that we have many mutual friends. He became apart of my immediate […]