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Living in a Lonely Marriage

Dear Mrs. O Thank you for being an outlet! Here is my issue. I have been married for 4 years. I have two children with my husband. The relationship started off fine. We had problems like any relationship but we always got through them. Not cheating but financial issues, family problems, and things like that. […]

Why Do Black Men Hate Black Women?

Why do so many black men seem to hate black women? Black women are the only set of women who might be interested in their own counterpart and  and have to worry if the guy is “into black chicks.”  She has to worry if he’s only into “mixed , exotic, or white girls”. It is […]

Stop Sharing All of Your Goals With Your Friends

I recently came across an article speaking about Why You Need To Move Away From Your Hometown and it made me think. Some of the same reasons you should move from your hometown are the same reasons why you should not share your goals with your closest friends and associates. They find it hard to see your […]

Why I Am Never Having a Threesome

Society is once again trying its best to normalize infidelity and sexual immortality. Recently Love and Hip Hop New York entertainer Cardi B came out to say that she likes to have threesomes with her men in order to get ” Cool Points.” Check the link below: Now don’t get me wrong I really love […]

Stop Lying About Your Relationship Online

The pressure to make your relationship seem phenomenal is getting out of control. Abeg everyone isn’t head over heels in love. Everybody isn’t about that life and its time we started keeping it real! Case in point Tonto Dikeh. After months of flexing for the gram and making her husband look like the best thing […]

Keeping Distance Between Your Friends and Your Man!

What are your views on the drama between Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Ciara’s best friend? For those who have not heard about it Russell was photographed with Ciara’s best friend sitting on his lap. People immediately started speculating and saying it was inappropriate. I feel the whole issue could have all been avoided. Women should learn […]

Balancing Work, School, Friends, Motherhood, and Marriage

  Work life balance is very difficult. This is especially true for new mothers. The days seem to bleed into each other. The nights are never long enough and you are always exhausted! Before you know it the baby needs a diaper change, your assignment is late, and there is no food in the house! […]

Seven Children With a Different Man!

Dear Mrs O. You won’t believe the story I’m about to tell you. Please make sure I am kept anonymous! Things have been crazy in my house these past few weeks. The story is not really about me but my boyfriend. So my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 years now. He […]

My Mother In Law Hates Me! #AskMrsO

Dear Mrs O. Any advice at this point would REALLY be helpful. Im convinced my mother in law hates me. I don’t want to ask my friends for help because I do not want them in my matrimonial affairs. I also do not want to ask my own mother for advice because she is the type that […]

Forgiveness Vs. Reconiliation

The Bible encourages us to forgive. However, it doesn’t not tell us to reconcile. The Bible encourages us to forgive in numerous verses. Some of the most famous verses include: Colossians 3:13 NIV For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not […]