Today we would like to highlight some Nigerian YouTube moms that are doing their thing! These awesome ladies are managing homes, businesses, and a successful Youtube career. If they can do it you can do it too! If you are looking for some inspiration to start your own Youtube Vlog her are some trendy ladies:

1.Sisi Yemmie:
Sisi Yemmie is based in Nigeria. She’s known to give awesome advice on marriage, and motherhood. She can be found on her blog at Sisi Yemmie is an awesome inspiration. She has almost 30 thousand subscribers on YouTube. She can be checked out on YouTube here.




2. Patricia Bright 

IMG_8971-APatricia Bright is UK based. She a fantastic blogger, vlogger and yummy mommy! Her page is focused on style, beauty, life style, and advice.  She’s known for the awesome blogs that she makes with her husband and her awesome travels. Patricia has almost 1 million subscribers. Her blog is Her YouTube channel can be found here.

3. Peak Mill



Peak Mill is based in America. She is an awesome mommy juggling her Youtube career, marriage, home, and child. She is known for her great hair services. She has over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her YouTube channel can be found here.




4. Ajoke Omole

Ajoke also known as Ajaysglam is a beauty fashion and lifestyle Vlogger. She is based in the UK. Her website can be found here.  She has almost 100,00 subscribers on YouTube. Her YouTube can be found here.



5. Marlene Aymone


Marlene Aymone is an awesome beauty YouTuber. She is a fashion and beauty enthusiast. She has loads of helpful videos on Youtube. She has almost 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Here page can be found here






6. Adanna


Adanna also known as AdannaDavid gained popularity after her and her husband posted videos of their cool dance moves. She is also an awesome YouTube mom =) And a a twin! She has almost 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her YouTube channel can be found here.  She has been featured on many sites such as Bella Naija.


We hope this can be an inspiration to other ladies out there to get moving!

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