In current times it is VERY common for couples to live together for a year or two before they actually get married. However, just because something is common that does not mean it is right. Check out this question posted by a young lady:

I personally think if living together can be avoided before the wedding you should avoid it. When you live together before actually getting marred it takes away from the importance  and symbolism of the wedding. There is really no difference between when you are dating and married.

However, when you move in after the marriage in my opinion it has its own significance. You would really feel that you have made a shift in life and things have changed, you are on a new level. Let there be a clear barrier. When you move in after getting married your man knows that even though we spent most of our time together I was still taking care of myself. Now that we are officially married you as my husband are meant to take care of me and our children.

When you live with your boyfriend before marriage  you do not have to do wifely duties in the house. Neither does he has to behave like a husband. You will carry these same habits into the marriage. If he is used to you not cooking for him everyday, and you are used to paying for your own bills that is the way it will remain.

The whole point of staying at “your fathers house” until marriage is signifying that your husband is not taking care of you and you still belong to your family. But when you live with a  man before hand, however he decides to treat you now is most likely how he will continue later. After all he had all the benefits before actually marrying you so why change?

Then you also may face the cliche risk of him deciding not to marry you at all and continuing as boyfriend and girlfriend for a long period of time. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think its ok to live with your man before marriage? Leave a comment


  1. I think its very risky to live with your boyfriend before marriage. Unless you care about marriage and guys have a clear and almost certain understanding that marriage is the end goal, you might risk being just the girlfriend for a veryyyyy long time. I actually personally thought of it, but I couldn’t imagine giving up my apartment and beautiful furniture unless I had THE RING lol. Plus it’s nice to have your own space to go to after a misunderstanding so that you can think and reflect in peace. When you’re still in the boyfriend/girlfriend stage its easy to say you want to break up, but how awkward would that be if your the one who has to move out?


    1. I did it and our marriage doesn’t seem to be suffering but at the same time I feel like if I would have waited we would have had like a restart when I first moved in after the wedding. Not saying that moving in before will destroy the marriage but its better to wait.


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