5 Things That Make a Guy Decide Not to Marry You

A lot of women are looking to get married. In this generation its harder than ever for millennials to find someone to settle down with. Sometimes woman are with a man for 5 or more years and the guy just ends up wasting their time. Unbeknownst to these women the guy has disqualified you for marriage years ago. No more time wasting!officialosas-1

Here’s are 5 things that make a guy decide not to marry you:

1. Disloyalty 

“Top notch” men don’t really think about getting married. Most of the guys that really really pressed to get married are those that struggle with women in general. Top notch guys usual  take their time to get married and want to marry a specific woman. If you show disloyalty to this type of man you’ve automatically disqualified yourself. He wants you to be there through thick and thin. If you don’t help him when he is need he will remember!

2.  Family Problems

This should really be a no brainer. Nobody wants to marry into a troublesome family. However, you can bounce back from this by simply separating yourself from the negative members of your family. Honestly, you shouldn’t only do this for a guy you should do it for yourself as well.

3. A Nasty Past

Unfortunately, theres no bouncing back from this one. Don’t worry about it just let the guy go if something you’ve done really bothers him. If you tell him something about your past and the guy begins to back off just let the guy go. He has already disqualified you in his mind. Some men just can’t get over a girls past.

4. Letting Yourself Go!Teebilz-and-Tiwa

Too many of us are guilty of this. If after 2 or 3 years you stop caring for yourself he will notice. He will think to himself if this is how you look now how will you look after you have 3 or 4 kids. So try and keep yourself up! Even if its not everyday at least once or twice a week try and look extra nice. Keep going to the gym. Keep caring for your hair.

5. Being Vindictive

Nobody wants to be around a vindictive person. He will reason that if I move this relationship from girlfriend to wife this girl will have more access to be even more vindictive! If you plan on marrying a guy it doesn’t make sense to slash his tires or bust his windows. Why would he want to make someone like that his wife?


He finds out you’ve been intimate with a close friend

You are very untidy

You have issues with his mother or sisters

Keep these things in your mind. Don’t waste time with anyone who clearly doesn’t have good intentions for you in the future!  What other reasons do you think men might automatically disqualify  a woman for marriage? Comment below.

One comment

  1. She lacks ambition, lazy etc. Men admire women they can build an empire with or atleast one that can take care of their empire without complaints.


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