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Planning a Child’s Birthday Party

When planning a child’s birthday there are many things to keep in mind. How many people are coming? Where will it be held? What kind of music will you play? Are you going to make a cake or buy one? Here are some of the top ten things to consider: Budget Budget Budget – Nothing […]

Learning to Hear Gods Voice in Your Life

In the Bible Angels often appeared to people in dreams. Sometimes they appeared in all their grandeur in person to deliver Gods message. However, God doesn’t always comes down to us in a vision, or a dream or through an angel. The Holy Spirit is all around us. God can speak to us in many […]

Don’t Allow Everyone in Your Home!

“When you allow the wrong people in your house, stuff will come up missing like: Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Faith..” Don’t allow everyone in your home! Some people are only looking to steal, kill, and destroy. The home is meant to be a place of peace and refuge. Your home should be a place that […]

5 Month Old Daily Schedule

Baby is becoming more and more independent! Their personalties are starting to come out and you are bonding more than ever. Baby is more engaged in games like peek a boo. Baby also tries to mimic your sounds especially laughing and smiling! At this age babies ideally sleep 11 – 12 hours at night and […]

My Boyfriend Kicked Me Out

  Readers Entry: Response: Firstly, I am SO sad to hear that your friend is going through this. Unfortunately many young women find themselves in this situation, especially young college girls. This is why its very important to try and always have some type of  vex money! Women find themselves doing things that they would have […]

Amber Rose Speaks About Her Life as a Stripper

Former Stripper Amber Rose opened up about her experiences as an ex – stripper. She stated: ‘I get ridiculed constantly,’‘I get harassed so much in the club…it doesn’t matter what I have on..they’ll kind of like go underneath and like grab my ass, girls and guys,’ I was a stripper for a long time and […]

Monalisa Chinda Stunning in New Photo

Check out Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda in her bathrobe for a new photoshoot. Looking awesome!

What a Difference a Decade Can Make!

How do you think you will look in 10 years? Check out theses popular Nollywood Actresses in 2005. 

Vex Money!

Vex money is the money a woman takes with her in case the date goes bad! For example you meet a guy at the club and you exchange numbers. You guys having been gisting for a week or so when he finally asks you out on a dinner date. However, you don’t know this guy […]

Womens 3 biggest dating mistakes

Playing Hard to Get Also known as over shakara. This attracts men who love to chase. The problem is his goal is to win a prize. He might go after someone else after he gets what he wants. Guys looking to settle down are looking for someone who is also interested in the same thing. […]