No Romance Without Finance

We all know money is one of the top five issues that cause divorce. I recently ran across an episode of Moments entitled No Romance Without Finance! It was a very interesting topic to say the least. I almost wish they had more time to go deeper into the topic. Be sure to click  the link and check out their discussion when you have a chance.


During the show the ladies discussed if they would be able to date a guy that is “BROKE!” One of the things that was said is “finance buys romance.” You can’t take a woman out to dinner for free. You can’t even cook a candle lit dinner for free. You can’t get her a nice bracelet without some type of cash. A man can’t be romantic without having some type of money.

Furthermore, they discussed about dating on your “level.” Some of them stated that men should try and approach woman that are more so on their financial level.  This is because they want the guy to be able to take care of them up to the standard that they are already accustomed to. If the woman is used to her Gucci and Prada don’t offer her Walmart and Target it can’t work.dollar-1362243__180

In my opinion, a guys future might be bright. I spoke about this in my He Used To post. However, you have to be realistic. If the guy is pushing 40, no degree, and chasing a rap career you have to be honest with yourself. His dreams might never be fulfilled. The lifestyle he currently lives might be all he has to offer. But each situation is different so we have to be careful.

I think its possible to have romance with no finance. It just depends on the standard that you are willing to accept. Some women are ok with a guy just being emotional support. They are okay with just taking walks in the park and hanging out. While some women need a guy that can pick her up in the Benz, take her out to dinner and a movie. Some women need a guy that will shower her with Chanel and Fendi bags. Everyone is different and there is nothing wrong with wanting more or less out of a relationship.

Do you think it is possible to have romance with no finance?

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