Vex Money!

Vex money is the money a woman takes with her in case the date goes bad! For example you meet a guy at the club and you exchange numbers. You guys having been gisting for a week or so when he finally asks you out on a dinner date. However, you don’t know this guy from Adam. You don’t have any mutual friends so there is nobody to vouch for his character. After dressing up for the date and getting there you and the guy get to talking. He keeps on making hints that he thinks because he paid for dinner he should get “play time.” This is where vex money comes in. Time to pay for your meal and bounce! This way you are in no way indebted to that scum bag and you have the freedom to leave!

In recent times a girl always has to have some money with her when going out with a guy. Gone are the days when we can assume that the guy will just cover all the cost. You might be surprised when after the date the guys figures he isn’t interested in you and asks you to pay your half of the bill! Even if you have to borrow a few dollars from a girlfriend never go out on a date empty handed. Don’t order food for seven people when you only have $50.00 in your bank account! You never know what can happen. The guy can be a super jerk and even leave you stranded at the restaurant. You need enough cash to pay for your portion of the meal and your Uber home!

packs-163497_960_720When you move on with a guy from his girl friend to his wife the idea of vex money takes a new form. Our mothers used to call it a rainy day fund. If things became too crazy in the marriage the woman did not have to feel completely trapped she had her rainy day fund. They would save bits of their pocket money into a bank account the husband didn’t know about or stash it somewhere secure in their home. Wives were encouraged not to ever let a guy know how much money they had.  They always had a little saved up if they needed to flee or if money got low for whatever reason.

My only issue with the rainy day fund is  it can be considered a form of selective truth in marriage. Marriage is meant to be completely transparent. If your finance  asks you before marriage if you have any savings and you tell him no when you really have $10,000 saved up for a rainy day isn’t it deceptive? If the shoe was on the other foot wouldn’t you feel cheated?

dollar-1362244__180Of course a girl should always have a bit of her own cash but when does it become excessive? I myself haven’t really figured it out. I guess it depends on each persons lifestyle. One persons $500 can be another persons $5000. I guess my point is use discretion with the rainy day fund. The family shouldn’t be struggling to pay for groceries meanwhile you have $20,000 sitting in a bank account for just in case. Moderation is key in all things.

Do you believe in Vex money or a rainy day fund?


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  2. this rainy day fund is really a sensitive issue!! personally I prefer being transparent.
    its OK to let ur husband know that u have a private bank acct,u don’t need to tell him the exact amount u have.
    if u have 20k,u can’t say u have
    And I sincerely buy it


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