Things Ive learned my first year being a Mom

This past year has been totally awesome! God has blessed our family with the most gentle, loving, and kind little boy. We are so happy to have him in our lives. He is our pride and joy. Along this one year journey I have picked up  a few things and I’d love to share them […]

Junior Turns 1!

This has been a fantastic year! Junior is such an attentive, funny, energetic,  gentle, loving and kind boy. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. This past year has brought our family so much happiness. We had the privilege of watching him learn how to talk, crawl, walk and so many other […]

Balancing Work, School, Friends, Motherhood, and Marriage

  Work life balance is very difficult. This is especially true for new mothers. The days seem to bleed into each other. The nights are never long enough and you are always exhausted! Before you know it the baby needs a diaper change, your assignment is late, and there is no food in the house! […]

Working Mom Guilt

When I first heard I had gotten a new position and was going back to work I wasn’t fully happy. Yes I was happy about the job offer. Yes I was happy to get back into a fixed routine.  Yes I was happy that I would be getting back into the workforce but I was […]

Growing up with African Parents

Growing up with African parents abroad was difficult to say the least. Most of the things my American counterparts could do was considered taboo in my home. If I wanted to become anything other than a doctor, lawyer, or engineer I was a shame to the family. I couldn’t get my nails done. I couldn’t go for […]

7 Month Old Daily Schedule

Baby is getting bigger and bigger by the day! He can now crawl and is attempting to stand. He can go from laying to sitting position. He can also sit for long periods of time. He is more independent now and can keep himself occupied for 20 – 30 minutes without needing attention. Each month […]

4 Month old daily schedule

Whenever Junior is more fussy than normal its usually because I’ve slacked on his daily schedule. During this stage of development it is more important than ever to have structure in his day. At four months old the child is very much aware of their environment and more social than ever. This is an example of […]

10 Rules to Visiting a New Mom

Do you have a friend that just gave birth and your on your way to visit her? Check out these rules before going. It might help both you and your friend! 1. No showing up unannounced! This should really go for anyone but especially new moms.  Go when its convenient for her not you! This […]

£75k to Give Birth

  Mizuguchi Hospital in Japan offers one of the most luxurious birthing suites in the world. Expectant moms are offered the ‘Elisabeth Plan’ in the room so new parents can experience childbirth in the style of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, the nineteenth-century monarch coronated at the age of 17. A six-day stay costs a whopping £75,000. […]

Angela Simmons Stuns In New Maternity Photo

Angela Simmons Stuns In New Maternity Photo! Check out the photo below.