Stop Splitting Bills 50/50 in Relationships

If I’m blessed with daughters I’m REALLY confused about how I will teach them to deal with men. Things have changed so much from when I was dating. When I was dating it was understood that if a guy offers to take you out he is paying. Period end of of discussion no stories.When the waiter came with the bill at the end of the meal he automatically handed it to the guy. Of course women were always advised to have vex money but it was understood that the guy would end up paying.

In recent times women are being encouraged more and more to be financially independent. When the waiter comes I notice they now put the bill in the middle of the table. Amazing! I suppose if women want equal rights in all things of course finances are part of it. But when is splitting things in half being taken too far?

I personally think the best way to handle finances in the home goes as follows. The guy handles the bills that MUST be paid. This includes bills such as the mortgage, school fees, and car note. The woman handles the bills that deal with lifestyle because these bills can be cut back or changed whenever necessary. This includes groceries, cable bill, maintaining the home, and bills of that nature. I think that actually makes more sense because the woman usually has the final say in those type of areas any way. stress-853647__180

Like it or not men and women are not equal. Period. You cannot do everything thing a man can do because you are actually physically weaker. Men do not get periods. Men cannot get pregnant or deliver a baby. But there is nothing wrong with that! Just because you aren’t as strong physically doesn’t mean you might not excel in other areas. For example, men naturally cannot multitask as well as women. Try asking your guy any simple question while he is fully engaged in watching a sports game. Then watch him struggle to respond! Its actually astonishing.

If you are splitting the bills half way with your partner what happens during those periods when you can’t work? For example during late stages of pregnancy and when the baby is first born you might want to take time off. Should your man then look down on you because you can no longer pay your half of the bills? We also know that as of now women are paid less for doing the same exact job. So why would we knowing all these things encourage ourselves to pay bills 50/50 in a marriage or relationship. It doesn’t make sense. Is your man your roommate or life partner? You are teammates not co workers.  I ran across this post on the Shade Room. See what others commented concerning the topic.



Do you split bills 50/50 with your man?

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