5 Things That Make Women Look Desperate

Are you worried that you may look desperate?  Do you want to avoid looking desperate? Check out these 5 things and make sure you aren’t guilty of any of them!

1.One way contact

If you are the only one reaching out you look desperate! Constantly reaching out to someone makes the other person less interested. Give them time to reach out to you as well. If you are the one always initiating dates, always calling, always texting, the other person may not be interested. Men find it hard sometimes to say that they are not interested. Especially if they think you are a nice girl. They will just allow you to linger around until you get tired and move on. #TimeWasters

2. Scheming for attention

Don’t try and force the guy to pay attention to you. Don’t pick fights. Don’t look for scandals. You look very desperate.Things like making desperate Facebook posts also doesn’t help the situation. Be confident about yourself. Don’t try and make a guy feel guilty and talk to you by force.


3. Pleading your case

Don’t speak to a guys friend or family member concerning a relationship with him. For example if Tunde and Rotimi are best friends and you want a relationship with Tunde don’t start calling Rotimi everyday asking why Tunde isn’t cooperating. It makes you look VERY desperate!  The friend will only go back to the guy and ask why you are so thirsty for attention.  They will end up making fun of you together. The other friend/ family member is not invested in the relationship so they don’t care about it.

4. Over Sexualizing Yourself

Everything shouldn’t  be about sex. You can’t use sex to force a guy to be with you. Even worse he may just sleep with you and fade. Every photo shouldn’t be provocative. It makes you look like you lack self confidence. The guy will think that sex is the only thing you have to offer.  When you over sexualize yourself he may assume your not even looking for a relationship.


5. Changing Yourself

Don’t move off your original positions. If you claimed something in the beginning you can’t change  your stance a month later. For example if you tell him no sex before marriage or a relationship and then break your own rule he will assume your desperate. It can also make you look like your irresponsible.

Hope this helps! Be sure to comment and share.


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  2. Good one Mrs. O


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