Things Ive learned my first year being a Mom

This past year has been totally awesome! God has blessed our family with the most gentle, loving, and kind little boy. We are so happy to have him in our lives. He is our pride and joy. Along this one year journey I have picked up  a few things and I’d love to share them with you!


Thoroughly enjoy your pregnancy. Don’t allow anyone to dampen your happiness with superstitions, fetishes, dreams, or traditions.

If you cant afford it you do not need Pro Pregnancy Photos. Take a few nice ones on your phone to remember the experience.

Not everything some random person posts on pintrest is true, or will work for you and your family

No the nursery does not need to be 100% ready.

No you do not need a nursery (baby has his own nursery but still sleeps in a crib next to us). All you need is a safe place for baby to sleep and a few necessities.

No you do not need 500 items to make your baby comfortable.

Stretch marks and weight gain is all about your genes. At the end of the day your body is going to behave the way it will naturally behave.

Do not eat for two. Eat enough not to feel hungry.

When its near time for delivery pay close attention to your babies movements. Its a big deal.

Your body is going to change and that is okay. Cliche but true.

Walking, dates, pepper, sex, and all those labor inducing tricks don’t  work. That baby is going to come when he is ready

The last trimester will feel like it lasted 7 years

junior 12


You will HATE your husband (More so jealous)

You will LOVE your husband. Its so nice to see them be gentle and loving with the baby

You will learn each others strengths

You will learn each others weaknesses

You will learn to work as a team

You both will love your new baby more than anything

The baby will bring you closer than you’ve ever been before. Its awesome!


Don’t stress about milestones. Baby will walk, talk, and all other things when baby is ready

Baby will have more fun with the box than the actual toy

Live by this mantra – “When in doubt whip the boob out!” Solves 90% of problems!

Right after you have the first baby people will ask when you plan on having the next baby…

The house will never be spotless again

You’ll learn a kind of love you’ve never felt before

Any fear you have of piss or poop will vanish

You will catch yourself doing things you secretly judged other parents for doing before you became one.

Their smile will literally light up your world

There is never enough pictures and video of the baby!

You will think your child is the best thing since sliced bread

You will learn to move swifter than a ninja. Nothing like creeping out of a room with a sleeping baby in it.

Always carry a change of clothes and diapers! They always decide to have the blow outs as soon as you leave the house!

You baby will have your mumu botton. You will clap, sing and dance on que to make make you baby stop crying


Labor and Delivery

You don’t need to pack all that stuff. The hospital has EVERYTHING and they charge you for it whether you use it or not!

Pushing is no joke! It might take 20 minutes and it might take 20 hours be mentally prepared

It’s okay to get the epidural!

Labor will not be like the movies.

Your cookie will still be in pain after delivery

Request for a mirror it helps to give yourself motivation if you can see your own progression

The nurse will be your best friend

You will be happy scared and excited all at the same time

Your partner will be freaked out

Going back to work 

Going back to work and leaving baby every morning is hard. Really hard

Build as much of a milk stash as you can

Start getting baby accustomed to formula before you go back

You can file disability to get a few more checks before you go back to work

If you have a nanny try and get a camera so you can see baby even when your at work. The Xfinity security camera system works as a two for one.

You might experience mom guilt when you go back to work

You will be jealous of your child’s new care giver

You will feel engorgement pain from breast feeding less

You will worry. Breathe baby will be okay.

Good day care centers are crazy expensive. Try looking into other options. Stay at home work, Nannys, Family members etc.



Those cute family pictures you always see online are not as easy and carefree as you think they will be! They take planning, skill, and execution lol

Don’t allow yourself to get behind on laundry

If someone you don’t like finds themselves carrying your baby you can always use the “I need to nurse him” excuse to get your baby back with zero drama.

There is no such thing as a perfect mom

New Moms and women with no children will be the most judgmental and have the most unsolicited advice.

“Raising” your little brother or sister does not count as raising a child of your own. Period. End of Story.

Being a mom is a 24 hour job

Nursing is not not as easy as it seems. And it is not always going to be convenient

You will feel like you’ve been initiated into an awesome sorority

Your whole life will change

Learning to get dressed to impress in record timing is a must! Perfect your 20 minute routine now!

You will become more PATIENT than ever

Full nights sleep lol whats that?

No seriously full nights sleep… What.Is.That?

You need a change of clothes for yourself as well as baby!

You will take literally a billion pictures. Try not to post all of them on social media =)

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