Most times when we ask a question we already know the answer to it. This young lady needs to fire her house help as soon as possible.  We’ve all heard of those stories of the maid turning into the madam. The lady has already said every thing. She used her own hands to move another woman into her house. When getting a nanny or maid its better to get an older lady. 50 and older is best. And even those women you have to make sure their daughters don’t start feeling comfortable in your house!

You don’t know what the maids original intentions were when she moved into that house. Depending on her wickedness level  she can even go to the extent of poising her food to take her place. When firing the maid she should just wait for one day when her husband has traveled and send her packing. She can just make up any story when her husband comes back so that she doesn’t look petty or jealous.

In all honesty a maid shouldn’t even be a necessity. After all its just three of them in  the house but thats just MHO. What are your thoughts? Should she fire the maid ? Leave a comment


  1. That house girl got to GO lol. Personally I would ask the help of my mom before hiring a nanny but if I had to hire one, she will definitely be much older and not Nigerian. No offense to the older Nigerian mamas but its just easier when it comes to boundaries and etc.


    1. You know I never thought of hiring one that isn’t Nigerian. But you have a point there sometimes these Aunties do to much lol


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