The Dangers of Being a Ride or Die Chick

We’ve all heard these stories…. a girl is with a guy for YEARS she stays with him when he has nothing. When he is jobless, sleeping on his friends couch, no car, no money, no swag, no nothing. She helps him through this period. Loans him money when he needs it. Encourages him. Helps where ever she can. They are truly in love. Where ever she goes he follows. He adores her. She is his everything! His number one supporter.

Then the guy finally makes it! Maybe he finally gets a great job, lands a contract, his business deals begin to profit. Then suddenly suddenly  things have changed. He is a new person. He only wears designer clothes. Buys a brand new car, has his own place. Women start noticing him. He is the total catch. The old babe is now annoying. She talks too much. She’s too plain. She’s razz.

Unfortunately, instead of the “ride or die” to reap the benefits… the guy leaves her. He figures now that he is accomplished he can do far better. The old babe is no longer on his level. He wants a trophy wife and she just won’t cut it. The old girl is left right where she is while he moves on with his life with and a totally new woman.

Now is that fair? Of course this isn’t always the story but it happens far too often. We women are always told not to be gold diggers. To chose a man because of love and not money. To judge a man based on his character and not the size of his wallet. To try and see the potential in men. But what happens when you stay with a man until he reaches his potential and then he leaves you? Unfortunately, that as part of the game and a risk we take.

This is one of the top reasons gold diggers use to justify their ways. In their eyes what is that guarantee that this guy won’t “get on and leave your ass for a white girl.” There is no guarantee sister. The only thing you can do is shine your eye. You should try and find out if the guy truly loves you before it is too late. You also need to make sure that he is a good person in general. A person with integrity is less likely to leave you after he has made it.

He are some tips on how to spot a good guy:

  1. He’s a  classic gentle man. Opens doors, pulls out seats, offers his coat etc etc etc.
  2. He adores his mother
  3. He isn’t controlling
  4. He is responsible
  5. He listens to understand not respond
  6. He shows you off to the world
  7. He tells you his intentions
  8. He shows respect for all women
  9. He likes you as you are and doesn’t try to change you
  10. He doesn’t compare you to other women.

Unfortunately, even with all these things the guy might still be a dirt bag. You have to just keep you eyes open and be a sharp babe.

Have you ever been left after being a ride or die for a guy?

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