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No Romance Without Finance

We all know money is one of the top five issues that cause divorce. I recently ran across an episode of Moments entitled No Romance Without Finance! It was a very interesting topic to say the least. I almost wish they had more time to go deeper into the topic. Be sure to click  the link […]

Stop Splitting Bills 50/50 in Relationships

If I’m blessed with daughters I’m REALLY confused about how I will teach them to deal with men. Things have changed so much from when I was dating. When I was dating it was understood that if a guy offers to take you out he is paying. Period end of of discussion no stories.When the […]


Women of recent times are becoming more and more independent. But what of those women that still believe in the old school methods of getting money? How do you get big bucks from guys? Up and coming Nigerian Youtubber Jaaruma recently covered this topic in her blog. Her argument is that women should “hold themselves” in order to get […]