10 Rules to Visiting a New Mom

Do you have a friend that just gave birth and your on your way to visit her? Check out these rules before going. It might help both you and your friend!

1. No showing up unannounced!

This should really go for anyone but especially new moms.  Go when its convenient for her not you! This woman is very sleep deprived so entertaining is one of the last things on her mind. When you get to the front door its even better to send a text or phone call than to knock. If the baby has finally gone down for a nap you might wake the baby up with a loud door knock. IMG_5621

2. Wash your hands when you arrive

This might seem like its the mom being type A but it is very important! Don’t touch anybodies baby with dirty hands. She will never forgive you if right after you leave the baby suddenly has a cold or something even worse. The babies immune system is still building so its important to wash your hands or at least use hand sanitizer.

3. Don’t Come if You are Sick 

We know you mean well and you really want to see the baby, but you will do more harm than good if you come over sick. Even if your friend insists that its ok don’t do it. You can potentially seriously harm the child.

4. If possible leave your own children at home

Depending on how the new mom is coping she might need as little stress as possible. The last thing she needs is a 3 year old running all over the house screaming and breaking everything. Leave your children at home if you can.

5. Ask how she is doing.DSC_3093

Everyone is focused on the baby. Which is good but sometimes the mother needs some attention as well. Don’t just ask her the generic “So whats up.” Really look her in the eye and let her know your interested in how she’s doing. Some women suffer from depression after delivery and she might not even realize how bad it is until she takes a second to think about herself. She might need a shoulder to cry on you never know. This is the time to be extra nice to your friend. Bring her a dish  or offer to help her around the house. She will really appreciate the help.

6. Talk about something other than the baby

All anyone has asked her about is the baby. And even though she loves her child unconditionally sometimes she wants to talk about the news,  the weather, and just regular gist. She’s still your friend even though now she’s a mom.

7. Don’t wear out your welcome

Know when its time to leave. I generally don’t stay at a friends house longer than 2-3 DSC_3086hours. People find it hard to ask visitors to leave. Unless the person is direct family you might want to excuse yourself  unless they ask you to stay longer

8. Say you love the name… even if you don’t

Moms to be spend countless hours thinking of a baby name. The last thing they need is you criticizing it.

9. Say the baby is cute… even if you don’t think it is

All new moms want to hear their baby is the most adorable baby in the world. So make your friend feel good and tell her how cute the baby is!

10. Don’t judge the appearance of her home
Even if your judging in your mind keep it to yourself. Everyone handles being a new mom differently. She might be overwhelmed. The last thing she wants to hear from you is “hmmm maybe you should tidy up around here.” You should even volunteer to do the dishes or take out the trash if you see your friend is struggling. Its the polite thing to do.

What are your tips on visiting new moms? Leave a comment.

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