6 Secret Ways to Keep Your Man Happy

Going through a rough patch in your relationship? Trying to get back on his good side? These aren’t really secret but these are left than obvious ways to make your man happy.

1. Steal His Independence

He shouldn’t know where anything is. He shouldn’t know where the salt is, where the laundry detergent is, where the iron is nothing! Well thats over exaggerating but you get the point. If he can’t complete simple task without you, you become irreplaceable. He needs you to do everything. He needs to ask your permission to do things because he simply can’t do it on his own. This is one of the reasons being a good cook is so essential. He knows if he doesn’t speak to you for three days that will be three days of indomie or pizza! Take over as much as you can. This also helps to catch a cheater. If you pay the bills and handle things in the house you know where money is being spent and if something is fishy.

2. Win Friends and Family Over

If you don’t do any other thing on this list be sure to do this one. This is so crucial! Even if he wants to leave you he simple can’t because his family is too used to you being around. You want his friends and family to feel overly comfortable when they come to the house. Serve them nice drinks and a good meal. They will compliment your man about you and his ego will blow up. If his friends love you they will also discourage him from cheating on you or treating you badly. It will give you leverage when you are not even there. Friends and family will not want him to leave you for another woman. If you can do things for his mom sisters and brothers even better.


3. Be a Partner in His Dream

You should be his number one cheerleader. You need to genuinely believe in his dreams. Ask him how you can help. Ask him how you can push him forward. Help him plan. Help him do what he needs to do in order for his dream to materialize. This goes back to stealing his independence. If he can’t move forward in his dreams without you how can he leave you?  If you don’t believe in his dreams and goals you honestly don’t need to be with him. Move on sister!

4. Compliment Him

Women think that they are the ones that need to be complimented in the relationship but sometimes its the other way around. Every man wants to feel like he is the sexiest guy alive. Every guy wants to be your Superman. Never open your mouth and say he is bad in bed! If for some reason your not enjoying it just tell him” oh I would like it if you did this or if you did that.” Don’t announce you’ve been with someone who is more endowed. It cannot help you in anyway, shape, or form. You want him to feel like he is the best in every way possible.

5. Give Him a Feeling of Ownership

I know the feminist are giving me a major side eye but hear me out! If you feel like you own something don’t you feel like you are responsible for it. Don’t you feel like you are needed to make sure that everything goes well with it? Eh heeeeen same thing with a guy. He wants to feel like you need him. That doesn’t mean don’t have anything or do anything for yourself. That just means the whole “I don’t need a man” syndrome isn’t gonna help the relationship! You need to let him know that you need him. He is wanted. There is ownership. That doesn’t mean you are his slave or weak or any of that. But when you make a person feel needed they feel responsibility for you. Make him feel permanent. For example if he feels like your “his woman” and your hair is looking higgy haga he will volunteer to pay for you to fix it. But if your independent he will assume you can and should do it on your own. After all you “don’t need a man.” And its not only about hair and nails that goes for all things.

6. Put Your Best Foot Forward in Public

Make his plate. No big arguments. Treat him like a king. Don’t talk bad about him to outsiders. Look good. Smell nice. Stay fit. This is also very controversial but it works.You want to boost his ego. You want him to feel good. And theres nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t take anything from you to be nice to him. If you don’t feel like he is worth catering to then why are you with him? Don’t listen to your single friends when it comes to this one or you will just end up and old maid. Those same friends will cater to their men when its their time. Don’t say nobody ever told you!

What other secret ways do you know to make a guy happy? Do you agree with my suggestions. Leave a comment. Don’t forget if you have questions about your personal situation you can always contact me directly by clicking here.



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  3. Number 1 is the TRUTH!! It’s also hard to do though. Sometimes if I’m exhausted I want to say abeg do it yourself, but I still try sha


    1. lol! I feel you 100%


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