Don’t Allow Everyone in Your Home!

“When you allow the wrong people in your house, stuff will come up missing like:

Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Faith..”

Don’t allow everyone in your home! Some people are only looking to steal, kill, and destroy. The home is meant to be a place of peace and refuge. Your home should be a place that you can come to and feel good. It should be your personal safety zone. Your home is where you can relax and be yourself. Your home is where you strategize for your next move. Your home is where you rest.  Anyone that disrespects you outside of your home will surely disrespect you  inside your home as well.


Some people are not so obvious about it. These people are “frienemies.” They originally come to you as a friend but their motives are harmful. They often enjoy dropping light shade without you noticing. You may notice that certian friends whenever you chat the only thing they have to talk about is gossip about other people. Don’t fool yourself! When they leave your home they will talk about you just they way they spoke about their other “friends.” Don’t bring this person in your home unless you want all your business in the street!

You may also notice that after certain friends leave your presence there is a bad taste in your mouth. Meaning you may have started the day VERY happy and full of energy but as soon as your around that particular person you start to feel dull and drained. These type of people carry bad energy. This is the last type of person you want in your home. They leave a lingering negative feeling.

There are also those people that are constant hope crushers. Never tell your dreams to these people. Unfortunately, these people are often elders. Many people have had a hard life. And because their dreams did not come to fruition they feel that nobody else’s dreams will succeed. Avoid these people at all costs. When you tell this person your next move the only thing they will have to say is several different reasons why it will not work.

Continuing on, there are also the happiness snatchers. These people see you being happy and want it for themselves. They are willing to steal your boyfriend. They are wiling to lie about you to the boss to ensure that they get the raise. They are willing to pour salt in your garri. Unfortunately, most times we  don’t notice these people have this spirit until its too late. However, you will know them when you see them snatching happiness from other people. If you have a girlfriend that is always stealing other people boyfriends don’t be foolish your day will surely come. The last thing you want is this type of person in your home.

Unfortunately, there are also those naturally cursed people. Maybe they were terrible in another life. Nothing can ever go right for them. They are always broke. They are always in an argument with another person. They always just go out of a car accident. They can never find a man. There is always one drama or another with theses type of people. They just naturally have bad luck. Even when things seem to go well for them they are still unhappy. Keep these people out of your home!

Aside from avoiding these type of people make sure to never bring them to your home. Everyone has different spirits. Be mindful of the type of spirits that you allow to enter your home. Spirits are not only ghosts that fly around at night. They are also the thoughts actions and energy that people carry with them everyday. The last thing you want is tons of negative energy in your home.

Are there any people that you won’t be asking to stop by for brunch in the near future?


  1. Facts!!!


  2. i love this!! you are so right dear!!


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