Genevieve Nnaji’s Secret Wedding Called Off!


What a shame! Genevieve Nnaji’s NBA Agent Fiance Ugo Udezue has cancelled their wedding plans.The Nollywood actress has had a secret relationship with her fiancé Ugo Udezue a wealthy NBA agent based in Colorado.

The two were meant to get married in Milan, Italy two weeks ago when the groom cancelled last minute and returned to Amsterdam. He has apparently cancelled because he is convinced Nnaji has something to hide and his family is totally against the marriage. He had these feelings because she wanted to go on with the marriage without inviting either of their parents (how strange). Sources are still unsure if the couple has completely called off the relationship. Nnaji is said to be currently in Canada.

How unfortunate. Money, beauty, and fame is nothing without love. The only very peculiar thing about this story is Genevieve insisting on having a secret wedding. I understand the need for a celeb to want privacy but why wouldn’t you want your parents present? Does she actually really have something to hide?

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