How old is too old for the club?

With the rise of feminism many women are putting their careers before romance. Because of this women are “settling down” later and later in life. It is very normal for a successful woman to have her first child after 30. However, in generations before ours this was frowned upon. Because more and more woman are living the single and free life they still find themselves very active in the club scene. But how old is too old for the club? Should you still be hitting the shoki and azonto every weekend because you are not in a serious relationship?girl-114441__180

In my opinion a woman shouldn’t find herself in the club after 30 unless its for a special occasion. This includes birthdays, bachelorette parties, graduations and events such as these. You shouldn’t be still leisurely visiting night clubs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at this age. Accept it!

I think this is especially true for single woman and women with children. Single women might not want to be frequently visiting the club because you might seem like a party girl to potential suitors. They might assume that the reason you aren’t in a relationship is because of your party hard habits. Nobody wants a party girl as a wife.

Also, women with small children shouldn’t be frequently be found in night clubs for obvious reasons. When you laid down and decided to have a child you gave up your freedom. You have accepted that you will put that child before yourself in all things. Small children belong with their mother. It is unfair and honestly irresponsible to always leave your children with babysitters or grandparents so you can go out and party!

Lastly, I think women over 30 shouldn’t frequently visit night clubs because of shame! Wouldn’t you feel a bit silly? Partying in the same place with college girls? You won’t even be familiar with the music that is playing. Your body wouldn’t even move the way it used to. Enjoy your time and party HARD while you are 16 – 25. After then start winding down. Your time would be better spent at events like brunches, spa dates, religious events, traveling, and house get togethers. Save the club nights for special occasions after you reach a particular age.

As for men I think they get a few more years. Even though it isn’t fair it is the truth. They have less social restrictions.  However, there is a point when even men frequently visiting clubs is a turn off. You don’t want to become that creepy uncle thats always at the club trying to pick up small girls. You also don’t want to be that drunk uncle that everyone wonders what year he will finally marry.

What age do you think is too old to be at the club?


  1. Juliet Caven · · Reply

    I think that this is an extremely judgemental article. You don’t get to tell other people how to live their lives. If you CHOOSE to settle down, and have babies and stop going “clubbing” that is YOUR personal choice. Writing an article telling women that being over 30 means you are “too old” to do xyz is simply ridiculous. So women can’t have fun anymore because they are over a certain age and single? They need to worry about potential mates seeing them as party girls? Any man who is that shallow, and would judge you like that is NOT the type of man any woman should settle down with anyway. Then you give men the double standard of saying they have “a few more years” are you serious? With that kind of mindset no wonder women’s rights are light years behind. We don’t have to wait on men to hold us back, clearly women are holding other women back! “Small children belong with their mother” so what are fathers then? Sperm donors? You don’t think men have an equal responsibility for caring for the children they bring into this world? Like I just don’t understand what you are trying to say in this article. It is offensive, and entirely anti-woman. Start over again. Stop being so judgemental, if you chose a family life good for you, but you can’t say one is better than the other. 🙄


    1. Yes this post is judgmental its meant to be! This post is not anti-woman it is Pro family! If you are a woman with small children I do not think its appropriate for you to party EVERY weekend. Nor do I feel its appropriate for your mate to party every weekend. Yes men are equally responsible for raising children but the fact of the matter is mothers will always have a different relationship with children than their fathers will. If everyone is out partying then who is raising the child?

      Also, yes some women are focused on family and some women are not. However, this particular blog is geared towards women who want insight on family life. I also didnt say women “can’t have fun.” I said at that point I hope your time would be better spent engaging in other activities such as travel, and hobbies.

      Quitting the club life at a certain age is not only for your man and children but also for yourself.There are a certain set of women that haven’t experienced life outside of the party life. There are some women that have never stepped foot outside of their state but still find the funds to party every weekend. This blog post is geared towards them. Of course women can do whatever they want! If people want to party every weekend my blog won’t stop them. I hope I clarified myself. And if not we can agree to disagree =)


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