Today we stumbled on a hot topic on the The Pepper Talk Show.  If you haven’t heard of this show go ahead and check it out. It is an awesome panel of young Africans discussing many of the issues that effect all of us. This weeks topic also reminded me of Victoria Inyama’s message to young husband snatchers.

During this weeks episode they were discussing “Why Do Women Date Married Men.” Now normally the men are the ones being analyzed and married women are left wondering what they could do to keep the romance in their marriage. However, what I like about this topic is that they don’t question the people in the marriage but they question the outside woman that decides to lower her standards and sleep with a married man.

Some of the reasons that woman have given for sleeping with married men are:

  1. Gifts
  2. Expensive trips
  3. Adventuresilhouette-1517089_960_720.png
  4. Attraction
  5. Emotional Fulfillment
  6. Being young and dumb
  7. Wanting a responsible and established man

My only problem with these responses is  you can find everything you are looking for with a man that is single! Why enter and destroy someone else’s marriage just so you can get superficial things. And even worse are you expecting the man to leave his wife
for you? Are you worried about his children and how your affair might effect them? What happens if you get pregnant? Are you prepared to have children outside of wedlock with a married man? What about bank statements and life insurance? Don’t you feel insecure when it comes to actual financial commitment?

Many times these woman are drawn in to the relationship because the man ensures them that he will soon leave his wife. The problem is he almost never does! You can go on with a pointless relationship for years on the promise that he will one day forsake his matrimonial vows and end up with you. In the meantime you are wasting precious young years that you could have been committed to someone that is actually ready and willing to marry you!

Even if he does eventually leave his wife for you, what makes you think that one day he will not also leave you for a younger more interesting woman? There is also the issue of karma. How would you feel if you give your all to a relationship, marry a man, have children for him,  build with him only to find out that he has a relationship outside? Painful abi?

I think as women we all owe it to ourselves to respect peoples marriages. Simply do onto others as you would have them do onto you. If you do not want a woman to come and snatch your own husband don’t do it to anyone else.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Have you ever been with a married man? Have you ever found your husband cheating? Are you a man that has cheated on his wife? Leave your comment or message me privately @ MrsOfoegbu@gmail.com we would love to hear from you!


  1. I wrote a similarish blog post
    These men are chasing the women and inevitably there’ll be a vulnerable woman who will give in. A married man will chase a woman twice as hard as a singly man.


    1. I feel you. I guess the key is to not put yourself in a vulnerable position. You can’t use weakness as an excuse. Right is right and wrong is wrong


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