My Boyfriend Kicked Me Out


Readers Entry:



Firstly, I am SO sad to hear that your friend is going through this. Unfortunately many young women find themselves in this situation, especially young college girls. This is why its very important to try and always have some type of  vex money! Women find themselves doing things that they would have never considered doing. This can include stripping, selling their bodies, selling drugs and more. Anything to get by just so they can get that degree and get a better life for themselves.  Lets first be grateful that your friend is safe and she has options. We should be very grateful that she hasn’t found herself in a Sugar Baby type of situation.

Second, from the information that I was given I would say that the guy is not her boyfriend but just a bad friend that happens to be a boy. The whole idea of having a boyfriend is having someone who loves you,  wants to end up with you forever, takes cares of you, and wants the best for you. How can someone who wants the best for you hear that you are stranded and then threaten to kick you out by so so date. It doesn’t seem logical to me.

However,  I do have many questions before I completely condemn the guy. How long have the two of them been dating?  Under what conditions did she start staying there? Is he living alone or with roommates? Is the “friend” that is offering to give her money a guy?

I ask this because if they have only been dating for like 3 weeks the guy might assume she is a mooching and thats how she always done. We have to remember that if the relationship is new he doesn’t know her. Some women actually bounce from house to house squatting. I also ask what conditions she started staying there because if he already knew what the issue was why would he be so heartless and make her leave. But if the girl originally lied and said something like ” Oh I just want to spend a few days with you” that adds another element to the story.  Furthermore if he has roommates they might be pressuring him to make the girl leave.  I also wonder if the friend offering to help her financially is a guy because the boyfriend might just be jealous. This might be the reason he is behaving so harshly. It isn’t a good reason but men are funny like that.

I wish I knew more about the situation so that I could give a more detailed answer. Feel free to follow up and let me know what happened or give some more background information of the story. However, from what Im hearing this guy is a douche. Nobody that cares for you will make you feel like you are a burden in time of need. You said he was working, he should even be asking how he can help. Instead he is adding to the headache. I know PLENTY of guys that have helped their girlfriends out in this type of situation. It really isn’t a big deal at all. This is even the most common way that women start living with the boyfriends permanently. The girl girl is a bit low on cash so the guy just lets her stay with him. No big deal at all.

Her best bet is to borrow the money from her friend and then pay the friend back when her sibling gives her some cash. After all what are friends for?

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