You Want to Be a Sugar Baby But are You Ready to Give Up the Sugar?

Times are hard! Not everyone wants to take the independent woman route. Not every young lady wants to work hard for her money. Women often joke about becoming a sugar baby or runs girl to escape financial stress and live the good life. Young girls think its easy to get with a rich guy that will pay their way. But sometimes that is easier said than done. You have to have a certain type of mental stamina to maintain that type of relationship.


Many times these men aren’t the correct fit for young women at all. Some of them are married. Some of them are elderly. Some of them are just perverts looking for young women they can give small change to and take advantage of! It is not as easy as it looks or seems. Sure the expensive handbags and luxury trips may seem alluring but their is a lifetime of grief that follows mischievous actions.


Before you jump over to consider what you are looking for. Are you ready for this type of relationship. Are you dating this man only for money? Are you actually attracted to him? Are you prepared to have sex with someone you are not attracted to at all just to live lavishly? Are you God fearing? If someone finds out about what you did will you be embarrassed?


Also consider the physiological aspect of the situation. After all is said and done you will feel very used and abused.  Many women that are involved with sugar daddies suffer from a type of PTSD when the relationship is over. You may be plagued with feelings of  anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability,  and flashbacks. Its not worth it sister!

With that being said  I hope I can inspire someone to work hard and stack your own coins! Be your own boss!

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