3 Signs That He Will Never Be Serious About You

Many times the signs are there but we as women still need it spelled out. Some men just like to waste time. They never really wanted to be in a serious relationship. Here are three major signs that he is not serious about you.divorce-619195__180

1. Taking too long to be official

If he is really serious about you it shouldn’t take 2 years for him to get into an official relationship. If you are both single and intimate there is no reason why he should be stringing you along. If you are constantly asking for a title and he always has an excuse it is a major red flag.

2. Maintaining Separate lives

Your lives should eventually begin to merge. You should eventually have mutual friends. You should know his family.  You should know where he works and what he does. You should know his hobbies and what he does on his downtime. You should have an idea of his daily schedule. If  you have been together  for sometime and none of these things are happening my sister you need to shine your eye. When you are with someone you need to be connected to them. When you aren’t its easy to walk away.heart-34655__180

3. No Plan 

If he has no plan for you he doesn’t have any purpose for you. Anything with no purpose is disposable. If he isn’t thinking I’d like to settle down, I’d like to do this with my life, I want you to be apart of it this way then he isn’t serious. He can’t be serious because he hasn’t thought out a plan. Make sure he has intentions. Make sure he has an idea what he wants in the relationship.

Of course there are other ways to tell but these are three big red flags. What other ways can you think of? Leave a comment


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