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Maheeda Stops Bleaching Fans Urge Her to Go Back to Bleaching

Colorism is a serious issue in all African communities. People with lighter skin tones are still considered to be smarter,prettier, and better. They receive preferential treatment even though most times their skin tones are not natural. Even though bleaching creams are known to cause skin cancer, blemishes, and body odor women still feel the urge […]

Halima Abubakar warns women against praying and fasting over men

Halima Abubakar warns women against praying and fasting over men! She posted: Do you believe Halima is right ? Have you ever prayed and fasted over a guy and ended up losing him or found out he wasn’t the one for you? Leave a comment

3 Signs That He Will Never Be Serious About You

Many times the signs are there but we as women still need it spelled out. Some men just like to waste time. They never really wanted to be in a serious relationship. Here are three major signs that he is not serious about you. 1. Taking too long to be official If he is really […]

5 Things That Make a Guy Decide Not to Marry You

A lot of women are looking to get married. In this generation its harder than ever for millennials to find someone to settle down with. Sometimes woman are with a man for 5 or more years and the guy just ends up wasting their time. Unbeknownst to these women the guy has disqualified you for marriage years ago. […]

Toke Makinwa’s Rumored New Romance

New photos have recently surfaced of Toke Makinwa’s new love interest. It seems she has a type! The new man in her life has a striking resemblance to her ex husband! Tall, dark, and bald.  The man seen in the photos is Oluseyi Kuye. He lives in Wichita, Kansas and is from Abeokuta. Check out some […]


Most times when we ask a question we already know the answer to it. This young lady needs to fire her house help as soon as possible.  We’ve all heard of those stories of the maid turning into the madam. The lady has already said every thing. She used her own hands to move another […]


Don’t be an accidental side chick!  Don’t forget your safeguards! A lot of ladies of today get into relationships based on face value. They look at a guy and think  he seems like a catch tall, dark, handsome, beard gang, good job etc etc etc. But then they are surprised when he turns out to […]


I ran across this post over at Laila’s Blog and decided to comment. It reminded me about my previous post about the “valueless cookie”. This is not a matter of a stingy boyfriend changing. This is a situation where the man doesn’t have any good intentions or respect for you. The young lady that is clearly in […]


Kim Kardashian has recently come out in a blog post stating why she does not want to be labeled as a feminist. She stated in her blog :  “For me, feminist is someone who advocates for the civil and social rights and liberties of all people, regardless of their gender; anyone who believes that women […]


Mavin records singer has recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy! Check out her adorable photo below