Planning a Child’s Birthday Party

When planning a child’s birthday there are many things to keep in mind. How many people are coming? Where will it be held? What kind of music will you play? Are you going to make a cake or buy one? Here are some of the top ten things to consider:

  1. Budget Budget Budget – Nothing should be planned until the budget is confirmed. You might have hundreds of ideas but none of them will come to fruition if the budget cannot accommodate it. In your budget you should leave the most allowance for the cost of venue, food, and drinks. After accounting for these necessities you can add all the extras such as a DJ, Photo Booth, or Emcee.
  2. Venue – If the party is not taking place in your home the venue will take up the largest portion of the budget. Keep in mind the venue is very important because it will set the scene for the event. You can decide if you would like back yard BBQ, Community Center Party, or Grand Ballroom event. Whatever bests suits your ideas and budget.
  3. Schedule – Make sure to set the party for a date that best suits everyone’s schedule. If your child’s birthday falls on a workday that doesn’t necessarily mean the party has to fall on that day. Before confirming the date of the event ensure that the date is open for everyone that you would like to be present. (Don’t forget grandma and grandpa)
  4. Guests – Determine the amount of people that you want at the event. Will this be a family only event? Or will this be an event for anyone that is interested in coming? This makes a big differences because it changes the dynamic of the event.
  5. Theme/ Color Scheme – Will this be a themed party? Does your child love Mickey Mouse or a certain stuffed animal? You can set the party to go along with a certain theme. This gives the event character and makes the party interesting.
  6. Games – Unlike adult parties children’s parties always have games. This can be games such as pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, or whatever you choose. Make sure to include a time for games into the party schedule.
  7. Schedule – It is always nice to make a schedule of events for a party. This way the party has structure and people are not sitting around wondering what will happen next.  The schedule can go something to the effect of: set up, guest arrive, dinner, games, cut cake, dance, and clean up. It does not have to be an elaborate schedule.
  8. Food – Consider the type of guest you invited  and serve food that will cater to everyone’s taste. For children’s parties pizza and ice cream is usually an affordable way to accommodate everyone
  9. Vendors – For parties with a larger budget you also need to plan your vendors. Some of these may include a Photographer, Emcee,  DJ,  Caterer, or Decorator. Book these vendors far in advance. The affordable and good vendors normally book very quickly.
  10. Favors – Children’s parties also normally have goodie bags. If you are having a party with very few children you can also make a sweet table. That way everyone can have a treat to take home. Personalized lollipops area good sweet table favors.


Attire – What will the celebrant and his family members wear? Dress to suit the event. Sometimes parents will buy t-shirts for all of the family members to wear. These shirts may have something such as “Jessica turns 5″ printed on them.” These are nice for photos. You can also requests that all guests wear a certain color.


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