Working Less But Getting More

Have you ever felt like the forgotten employee? I stumbled across this really funny article and thought to share. Here’s a clip :

“I eased into my office, shut the door, and sat down at my desk. My morning regimine consists of checking baseball scores – a quick once over of SA, then off to randomly scour the network drive for Excel documents. I will pull up at least 5 spreadsheets (ranging from actual important pricesheets to recent Company Softball scores – it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s an Excel Document.) I print them out, then walk to the other side of the office building to copy them. Somehow, in my mind, this makes it look like I’m working – and looks are the most important thing.”

Hilarious to say the least. I myself do not feel like the forgotten employee at my current job but I can agree and understand the authors sentiments.

Sometimes I recall when I was younger and usually had to stand on my feet for eight hours a day only to receive a minimum wage bi monthly pay check. I don’t even understand how I lived off so little. Image result for seated in cubicle

Now that I’m older I hardly do any physical labor and I make more than quadruple that amount. The are are some days when I come into the office and I honestly accomplish nothing. In many engineering and IT fields workers can easily get lost in “the system”. As long as you look busy and occupied everyone assumes your getting work done. As long as the tasks on the “SPRINT” are completed nobody has any complaints.

Some workers that this to the extreme. We all know that one office manager that everyone respects but nobody knows what they actually do. They are always attending meetings and conferences but what do they actually do?

The answer is barely anything… I find that funny but sad at the same time. Some people are really suffering to make ends meet sweating at two and three jobs. While others sit in a comfy cubicle all day doing the bare minimum. The crazy part is those of us doing far less are making far more.

I guess thats’just life. What are your thoughts?

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