One fun thing that brides to be have started adding to their to do lists are bridesmaids proposals. Bridesmaids proposals are a cute spin on the actual wedding proposals. They can be as grand or as simple as you would like.

Do you think you would want to give a proposal of your own? Here are the easy steps to create a proposal in a box:

  1. Decorate a medium sized box to your liking
  2. Insert confetti to fill the box half way
  3.  Create a note the says : “Will you be my bridesmaid”
  4. Blow up a ballon
  5. Insert confetti and the note into the ballon
  6. Tie the ballon
  7. Attach a string to the ballon
  8. Create a note that says pop me
  9. Attach it to the end of the string
  10. Close the box

You can think of a fun and interesting way you give the box to your bridesmaid. Its fun to watch their reaction after they pop the ballon and receive their surprise =)



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