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Today I would like to do a review on a recent purchase that I’ve made for our nursery. I ordered the Dream On Me Changing table through I was looking for an affordable table in white. The table was around $79.99. Babies R Us claimed to offer free shipping on the item but at checkout they added an extra $39.00 “Shipping Surcharge”. In the end I paid $124.00 for a table the was advertised at $79.00.

At that point I was already set on purchasing the item so I grudgingly purchased it.  The item did ship very quickly. I received it two days after ordering it. However, I must say that I am disappointed with the item.

The quality is poor. And I am not confident that this item is strong enough. The quality of the wood is very flimsy. I will not be using this item when my child gets over about 20 lbs.  To make matters worse they did not ship the item with all of the screws. There was a hole in the bag containing the screws so Im assuming they fell out during shipping. I had to substitute them with screws that I had around the house. Also the instructions for putting the item together are VERY vague. If you are not handy I would not advise you to purchase the item.

On the bright side it does look very stylish when finally put together. And it is compact so it can fit into a smaller nursery. Also, there is plenty of storage space under that table. This is how I have set it up in my home for now:



Hope this review helps you with your decision!



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