Hello Angels!

Im so excited to share that my baby shower is fast approaching! My shower is not a surprise so I am aware of what my friends are planning and the type of event it will be. Aside from all the other preparations I have to worry about picking a baby shower dress. I thought it would be simple until I actually started shopping!

Im still adjusting to this new body so Im finding it very hard to dress it appropriately  for my own event. I find that the options available in most maternity stores are in my opinion plain old ugly. I wanted something to fit my new body but go along with my usual personal style. Here is a list of things that may help you when looking for a baby shower dress. Hope this helps!


1. Give your self enough time!

This is the most important tip. It took me 2 trips to the mall and 30 minutes before I finally picked a gown. And even then I still wanted to continue looking!

2. Smile for the camera

Pick a dress that you feel will photograph nicely. You will want to pick a gown that you will like when looking at the photos of you and your family members lined up for photo ops. Bright colors are usually a hit!

3. Make sure you are comfortable

Remember this is your event and all eyes will be on you! Make sure to pick an outfit you will not mind wearing for a few hours. You would hate to feel itchy or always have to pull up your dress.  If there will be a lot of music at your shower you also want to make sure you can move in the dress.

4. Dress Appropriately

Dress for your venue. If your event is at a home you might want to get something more laid back and relaxed. If your event is at a country club you may want to dress more formally.

5. Pick a good length

Remember there might be photos of you seated opening gifts. Make sure the dress covers anything you wouldn’t like to be exposed. Also make sure you can sit down comfortably and enjoy a meal.

Bonus Considerations:

  1. Accessories
  2. Weather
  3. Pick the right shoes
  4. Show off your bump or hide it
  5. Undergarments

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