Hi Friends!

One of the most important parts of the wedding is the bridal party. I personally have so many close friends that I had to have bridesmaids and hostesses. They were both equally as important on the day. I don’t like the idea of having a huge bridal party so separating the two was easier for me. I felt that anything over 6 bridesmaids would make it hard to delegate tasks. However, you should feel free to pick as many as you feel comfortable with. Here is a photo of my lovely hostesses. I made sure to give them their own accessories, dresses, and flowers because as I stated earlier they are equally loved and important.


Here are some photos of my bridesmaids:


After going through the process this would be my advice for brides to be:

  1. Pick girls that naturally get along
  2. Select people that are financially stable
  3. Choose friends that work well under pressure
  4. Do not feel forced to add anyone to your bridal party
  5. Pick friends that are high energy and like to have fun!

I hope these suggestions help!


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