Hi Friends!


Today I’d like to share my thoughts on the boba wrap. I received this wrap as a gift from a friend off of my registry with Babies R Us. I REALLY wanted to love this item but unfortunately I did not. The  idea of the Boba wrap seems so ideal and I’ve seen countless other mothers sporting theirs with ease.

However, when I received mine it was just awful. The instructions on the packaging were not sufficient enough. So I had to visit to get further instructions. After I figured out how to wear the wrap properly it was just too uncomfortable. The material was too thick and too long. I also did not feel that it was sturdy enough to put my baby in.

Because Ive seen other mothers using it I know that he would not fall out but I just wasn’t confident in the product. It would have been more ideal if the fabric was thinner and shorter. I decided to to exchange this item for another carrier that I felt much more secure with. I will review it at a later time.

Have any of you tried the Boba Wrap? What was you experience ?

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