Another Instance of Shopping While Black

Once again we see another instance of shopping while black. Apparently a JCPenny sales associate in Indiana put a black woman in a chokehold while shopping with her family. He proceeded to do this while stating that the woman and her family “do not belong here”.  What exactly does that mean? When will the madness stop?

Afterwards the police were called. Store security  found that the woman had no stolen items in her person. She was later released and sent home. The issue is even if she stole something the associate had no right to handle her the way he did. Proper protocol would warrant for him to call mall security and have them deal with the issue. Why did he take the issue so personally? This is not a family owned business so why did he feel he needed to take matters into his own hands?

The woman and her family are considering filing a law suit. Check out the video below:

* Disturbing Content*


  1. This is very sad there’s a similar situation and video involving a Chinese beauty supply manager man handling a young black girl. All I can say is we need to support black owned business more.


    1. its crazy. The best thing to do at this point is start opening our own beauty supply stores. Asian people using excessive force on black women is becoming too common. The only issue is the price of the hair. The Asians keep the good hair deals to themselves to keep African Americans out of the business (Ive looked into it lol)


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