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I Let Him Out The Friend Zone!

Dear Mrs. O Hello! I love your blog! I thought to ask you about this terrible shameful situation that I’ve found myself in. I met this guy at my University library. We really hit it off as friends. After a while we found out that we have many mutual friends. He became apart of my immediate […]

5 Things That Most Men Test a Woman For

Just like women test their guys before becoming serious, men frequently do the same!  Men are chasers but they also want to know that what they are chasing is worth having. Some mean like to play games and put a woman through a series of tests to make sure that she is worth the wait. […]

He Used To…

I ran across this weeks episode of Toke Makinwa’s vlog and it reminded me of my blog post about Womens 3 biggest dating mistakes. Her vlog this week is titled”He Used To” and its all about women who fail to see the potential in a guy before its too late. They often find themselves saying things like “He […]

Womens 3 biggest dating mistakes

Playing Hard to Get Also known as over shakara. This attracts men who love to chase. The problem is his goal is to win a prize. He might go after someone else after he gets what he wants. Guys looking to settle down are looking for someone who is also interested in the same thing. […]

5 Things That Make Women Look Desperate

Are you worried that you may look desperate?  Do you want to avoid looking desperate? Check out these 5 things and make sure you aren’t guilty of any of them! 1.One way contact If you are the only one reaching out you look desperate! Constantly reaching out to someone makes the other person less interested. Give them […]

Halima Abubakar warns women against praying and fasting over men

Halima Abubakar warns women against praying and fasting over men! She posted: Do you believe Halima is right ? Have you ever prayed and fasted over a guy and ended up losing him or found out he wasn’t the one for you? Leave a comment

6 Secret Ways to Keep Your Man Happy

Going through a rough patch in your relationship? Trying to get back on his good side? These aren’t really secret but these are left than obvious ways to make your man happy. 1. Steal His Independence He shouldn’t know where anything is. He shouldn’t know where the salt is, where the laundry detergent is, where […]

3 Signs That He Will Never Be Serious About You

Many times the signs are there but we as women still need it spelled out. Some men just like to waste time. They never really wanted to be in a serious relationship. Here are three major signs that he is not serious about you. 1. Taking too long to be official If he is really […]

5 Things That Make a Guy Decide Not to Marry You

A lot of women are looking to get married. In this generation its harder than ever for millennials to find someone to settle down with. Sometimes woman are with a man for 5 or more years and the guy just ends up wasting their time. Unbeknownst to these women the guy has disqualified you for marriage years ago. […]

Toke Makinwa’s Rumored New Romance

New photos have recently surfaced of Toke Makinwa’s new love interest. It seems she has a type! The new man in her life has a striking resemblance to her ex husband! Tall, dark, and bald.  The man seen in the photos is Oluseyi Kuye. He lives in Wichita, Kansas and is from Abeokuta. Check out some […]