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How to Spoil Your Man

Its awesome when we feel special. But its even better when we can make the person in our life feel great! It doesn’t take much effort to spoil your man.  There are a many small things that you can do in order to let your partner know that they are loved. Some of these include: […]

Growing up with African Parents

Growing up with African parents abroad was difficult to say the least. Most of the things my American counterparts could do was considered taboo in my home. If I wanted to become anything other than a doctor, lawyer, or engineer I was a shame to the family. I couldn’t get my nails done. I couldn’t go for […]

No you can’t just cut people off!

With the New Year passing people are already discussing the people they have dropped in the 2016. Well I’m here to burst your bubble! I used to think with the same mind setting. However, I quickly realized that it is not as easy as it seems to cut all ties with people. For example if […]

You Want to Be a Sugar Baby But are You Ready to Give Up the Sugar?

Times are hard! Not everyone wants to take the independent woman route. Not every young lady wants to work hard for her money. Women often joke about becoming a sugar baby or runs girl to escape financial stress and live the good life. Young girls think its easy to get with a rich guy that will pay […]

Stop Dating Men in the Same Circle

Dating different men in the same circles is something many women are guilty of doing. This is a big mistake! Don’t do it sister!  If Tony, Jide, Bobby and  Bola all know each other trust me they have had a conversation about you! You probably will not get a different result in any of the relationships. […]

Vex Money!

Vex money is the money a woman takes with her in case the date goes bad! For example you meet a guy at the club and you exchange numbers. You guys having been gisting for a week or so when he finally asks you out on a dinner date. However, you don’t know this guy […]

No Romance Without Finance

We all know money is one of the top five issues that cause divorce. I recently ran across an episode of Moments entitled No Romance Without Finance! It was a very interesting topic to say the least. I almost wish they had more time to go deeper into the topic. Be sure to click  the link […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go? #AskMrsO

Dear Mrs O. I like your point of view on most topics. Im hoping you can help me with this. Im 23 years old. My boyfriend of 3 years is 29. My boyfriend is great guy. He comes from a great family and has a very good job. He treats me well and I usually don’t […]

Places to Meet Eligible Guys

Its becoming harder and harder to find single men!  It seems like all the good ones are taken! Rather than becoming desperate or settling check out some of these common places to meet eligible bachelors. 1. Weddings!!!!!! Weddings are one of the best places to meet great guys. Guys that might not usually visit high traffic places […]

Stop Splitting Bills 50/50 in Relationships

If I’m blessed with daughters I’m REALLY confused about how I will teach them to deal with men. Things have changed so much from when I was dating. When I was dating it was understood that if a guy offers to take you out he is paying. Period end of of discussion no stories.When the […]