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Forgiveness Vs. Reconiliation

The Bible encourages us to forgive. However, it doesn’t not tell us to reconcile. The Bible encourages us to forgive in numerous verses. Some of the most famous verses include: Colossians 3:13 NIV For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not […]

How to Spoil Your Man

Its awesome when we feel special. But its even better when we can make the person in our life feel great! It doesn’t take much effort to spoil your man.  There are a many small things that you can do in order to let your partner know that they are loved. Some of these include: […]

Types of Happiness

There are different types of happiness. What makes each person happy varies from person to person. Many times we are jealous of other people because we are envious of the happiness the other person is enjoying.We want this happiness for ourselves. Unfortunately this jealousy spoils many friendships and is unnecessary. What works for one person may not work for […]

Don’t Allow Everyone in Your Home!

“When you allow the wrong people in your house, stuff will come up missing like: Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Faith..” Don’t allow everyone in your home! Some people are only looking to steal, kill, and destroy. The home is meant to be a place of peace and refuge. Your home should be a place that […]

Growing up with African Parents

Growing up with African parents abroad was difficult to say the least. Most of the things my American counterparts could do was considered taboo in my home. If I wanted to become anything other than a doctor, lawyer, or engineer I was a shame to the family. I couldn’t get my nails done. I couldn’t go for […]

No you can’t just cut people off!

With the New Year passing people are already discussing the people they have dropped in the 2016. Well I’m here to burst your bubble! I used to think with the same mind setting. However, I quickly realized that it is not as easy as it seems to cut all ties with people. For example if […]

7 Month Old Daily Schedule

Baby is getting bigger and bigger by the day! He can now crawl and is attempting to stand. He can go from laying to sitting position. He can also sit for long periods of time. He is more independent now and can keep himself occupied for 20 – 30 minutes without needing attention. Each month […]

How old is too old for the club?

With the rise of feminism many women are putting their careers before romance. Because of this women are “settling down” later and later in life. It is very normal for a successful woman to have her first child after 30. However, in generations before ours this was frowned upon. Because more and more woman are […]

5 Month Old Daily Schedule

Baby is becoming more and more independent! Their personalties are starting to come out and you are bonding more than ever. Baby is more engaged in games like peek a boo. Baby also tries to mimic your sounds especially laughing and smiling! At this age babies ideally sleep 11 – 12 hours at night and […]

My Boyfriend Kicked Me Out

  Readers Entry: Response: Firstly, I am SO sad to hear that your friend is going through this. Unfortunately many young women find themselves in this situation, especially young college girls. This is why its very important to try and always have some type of  vex money! Women find themselves doing things that they would have […]