Stop Lying About Your Relationship Online

The pressure to make your relationship seem phenomenal is getting out of control. Abeg everyone isn’t head over heels in love. Everybody isn’t about that life and its time we started keeping it real! Case in point Tonto Dikeh. After months of flexing for the gram and making her husband look like the best thing sliced bread she is now coming out to reveal that he was a serial abuser. She is claiming that he gave her multiple STIs. Cheated with numerous women. Left her and her baby with nothing. Verbally abused her and worst of all beat her.


Not saying that I do not believe what she is saying but she sounds ridiculous. Not so long ago she was showing off the beautiful gifts that he bought her and pretending that everything was so rosey. She was boasting about the awesome birthday party he threw for her and the new fancy truck he bought her. Why didn’t she just keep her relationship low key if it was so terrible?

When you do things like this and the relationship goes south it makes it VERY difficult for people to believe you are telling the whole truth. You seems very disingenuous. If you were willing to lie to the world that he was such a wonderful man then you will definitely be willing to lie and say he was terrible now.

Lets stop succumbing to the pressure to keep up with other peoples relationships. Online is not real life. Or at least be modest with your lies!  You don’t know what people are dealing with behind closed doors. This is especially true if you know your relationship is on the rocks. Don’t paint a false picture because later on if the relationship crumbles you look super crazy. This is the same thing with other popular entertainers such as Tiwa Savage and Toke Makinwa.

I love all of these women but they all made the same mistakes. If you know your suffering just suffer in silence. Don’t come online pretending everything is great. At least Toke Makinwa was a bit better. We all knew something was  fishy when she opted to do a low key wedding rather than having a wedding befitting for a celeb.

Not saying you should never celebrate your relationship but don’t tell us the sky is red when it is blue. Tonto went out of her way to show the world how awesome her man was. Now they are both battling in interviews airing their dirty laundry out for everyone to see. If she just married and kept her relationship to herself when they broke up there wouldn’t have been such huge public backlash.

Lets all learn from these mistakes and be more realistic about what we share with the public.

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