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Chimamanda Adichie stands by her Trans Women statement

Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is unapologetic and unwilling to back away from her recent statement on transgender women which caused commotion last week. In an interview with Channel 4 News, Ms Adichie said the experiences of transgender women differ from women who are born female. “My feeling is trans women are trans women” Her statements drew […]

Why Do Black Men Hate Black Women?

Why do so many black men seem to hate black women? Black women are the only set of women who might be interested in their own counterpart and  and have to worry if the guy is “into black chicks.”  She has to worry if he’s only into “mixed , exotic, or white girls”. It is […]

Race Relations in America

Race relations in America are getting worse. Just yesterday a White man traveled from Maryland to New York to kill black men and ‘make a statement’. What kind of sickness must you be going through before you could plot and plan to do such a thing?  According to the deranged, terrorist, murderer “The reason why he picked […]

Stop Sharing All of Your Goals With Your Friends

I recently came across an article speaking about Why You Need To Move Away From Your Hometown and it made me think. Some of the same reasons you should move from your hometown are the same reasons why you should not share your goals with your closest friends and associates. They find it hard to see your […]

Another Instance of Shopping While Black

Once again we see another instance of shopping while black. Apparently a JCPenny sales associate in Indiana put a black woman in a chokehold while shopping with her family. He proceeded to do this while stating that the woman and her family “do not belong here”.  What exactly does that mean? When will the madness stop? […]

Why I Am Never Having a Threesome

Society is once again trying its best to normalize infidelity and sexual immortality. Recently Love and Hip Hop New York entertainer Cardi B came out to say that she likes to have threesomes with her men in order to get ” Cool Points.” Check the link below: Now don’t get me wrong I really love […]

Stop Lying About Your Relationship Online

The pressure to make your relationship seem phenomenal is getting out of control. Abeg everyone isn’t head over heels in love. Everybody isn’t about that life and its time we started keeping it real! Case in point Tonto Dikeh. After months of flexing for the gram and making her husband look like the best thing […]

Keeping Distance Between Your Friends and Your Man!

What are your views on the drama between Russell Wilson, Ciara, and Ciara’s best friend? For those who have not heard about it Russell was photographed with Ciara’s best friend sitting on his lap. People immediately started speculating and saying it was inappropriate. I feel the whole issue could have all been avoided. Women should learn […]

Double Dipping

Reader Writes: I am in a terrible situation. My best friend has been dating her boyfriend on and off for the last 2 years. She really loves him but he doesn’t love her or want her anymore. They constantly fight about the dumbest things. They clearly aren’t meant for each other. He even cheated on […]