How to Spoil Your Man

Its awesome when we feel special. But its even better when we can make the person in our life feel great! It doesn’t take much effort to spoil your man.  There are a many small things that you can do in order to let your partner know that they are loved.


Some of these include:

  1. Cooking his favorite meal – The way to a mans heart is truly through his stomach. It can be argued that food is even more important than sex. Theres nothing better than a home cooked meal. Yes people can always go out and buy whatever they want to eat but its always better to know that the person you love took the time out to prepare a meal especially for you.
  2. Keeping a clean home – Nobody wants to be in a mess. Keeping a clean and good smelling home lets your partner know that you care. Do the dishes. Dust. Vacuum at least once a week. Clean out the rest room and make your bed every morning.
  3. Be Romantic – Men want to be swept off their feet as well! After being in a relationship for a long time things can begin to become routine. Sometimes you should try and changes things up. Light candles. Place rose petals on the mattress Play soft music. Wear nice lingerie. Your partner will feel loved. These things are not only for the movies and novels!
  4. Massages – Foot rubs and back rubs are a great way to show your partner you care.
  5. Giving him a day to himself– Sometimes we don’t realize how overbearing we are to our partners. Constantly nagging and complaining. Sometimes they need space. Be willing to let your partner be King for the day.
  6. Buy  a nice gift – This can include an outing such as buying your guy tickets to his favorite teams soccer game.
  7. Look good and smell nice – Be the woman you were when he met you. Keep yourself together. Keep your hair neat. Wear nice smelling perfumes. Keeping yourself well maintained is something you should want to do not only for your man but for yourself!
  8. Get away – Occasionally plan getaways for just the two of you. This doesn’t have to be something very extravagant or expensive. Just staying two nights in a nice hotel can really do a lot for a relationship. You should try and do this at least four times a year. Get away from the normal routine.
  9. Take some interest in his hobby – Even if you don’t love whatever he is into at least have some type of knowledge about it. Try and be encouraging. Be his number one supporter.
  10. Tell him you love him – Women are not the only ones that want to hear sweet words. Men want to feel loved as well.

Have you spoiled your partner lately?


  1. Great advice!!


    1. Thank you!!!!


  2. Nice tips dear!! I


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