Types of Happiness

There are different types of happiness. What makes each person happy varies from person to person. Many times we are jealous of other people because we are envious of the happiness the other person is enjoying.We want this happiness for ourselves. Unfortunately this jealousy spoils many friendships and is unnecessary. What works for one person may not work for you.


For example you are single and your best friend is getting married. You want to be happy for her but something in you just won’t allow it. Perhaps its because you feel you are lacking that type of happiness in your own life. However, if you too get engaged you still might not be fully happy. Why? Because that type of happiness might not be the type that is necessarily needed or missing in your life. In my opinion there are five different types of happiness. These include:

Material happiness – This is the weakest type of happiness. Unfortunately this is the type of happiness that everyone seems to strive for the most. Now don’t get me wrong I would rather be miserable in a Benz than miserable on a bike but money still isn’t everything. Material happiness fades once you become accustomed to whatever object made you happy. For example you are so happy you just got that brand new iPhone 6. However, once the iPhone 7 comes out you are no longer happy. That material happiness has faded.

Material happiness is only surface level. Even if you buy all the designer shoes on the planet, purchase that huge house, and buy that fancy car it will not satisfy your spirit. If you have tons of money but nobody to share it with you will not be happy. If on Christmas day you have no friends, family or significant other to be with you will feel a sense of emptiness no matter how much money you have in your bank account.

Happiness with others – Happiness with others simply put is love. Its the happiness you feel when you are content with your friends and family. Its the happiness you feel when you experience a happy marriage. This is a great type of happiness but just the same as material happiness, happiness in others is not everything either.

People will always let you down when given the opportunity. You have to have love for yourself as well in order to be  complete. You cannot always lean on your friends, family, children, or spouse to make you feel complete. You should have your own hobbies and work that makes you feel fulfilled.

Happiness in yourself –  This is one of the most important types of happiness. If you are not happy with yourself you cannot be happy with others. You also cannot be happy with what you achieve. You need to be able to look into the mirror and feel content. Do whatever is needed to achieve this type of happiness.

Momentary Happiness – This is the type of happiness that occurs when something awesome happiness. You meet a new guy. You lose weight. You get a job. You get engaged. This is a great type of happiness this is a happiness of celebration. Unfortunately this happiness is only for a moment. Yes you can always look back on the time that you were happy but its never the same as the original thrill. It doesn’t last forever.

Balanced Happiness – The last type of happiness is balanced happiness. This is the best type of happiness. This is success. This is when all your cards are in order. You have material, monetary, self, and momentary happiness.  This is what we should all strive to achieve.

We shouldn’t feel jealous or angry when others are fulfilling their own happiness. We should look for balanced happiness within our own self. Someone else achieving greatness doesn’t take anything away from you.

Stop looking for happiness in the wrong places Matthew 19: 16- 30, Luke 16: 13-15

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