Maheeda Stops Bleaching Fans Urge Her to Go Back to Bleaching

Colorism is a serious issue in all African communities. People with lighter skin tones are still considered to be smarter,prettier, and better. They receive preferential treatment even though most times their skin tones are not natural. Even though bleaching creams are known to cause skin cancer, blemishes, and body odor women still feel the urge to use them in order to gain an advantage over their darker counter parts.

According to, nearly 77% of Nigerian women use skin lightening products. I don’t blame or look down on women that bleach. The pressure is over whelming. IMHO women feel the need to do this because of men. African men idolize light skin and white women. When you see women like Dencia, and Toke Makinwa being successful because of their fair skin and good looks why wouldn’t you want to do the same?

Its a very unfortunate scenario. Recently controversial nudist and singer Maheeda has stopped using her bleaching cream. She posted some new photos of herself to her IG page. Check out what fans had to say:


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