5 Things That Most Men Test a Woman For

Just like women test their guys before becoming serious, men frequently do the same!  Men are chasers but they also want to know that what they are chasing is worth having. Some mean like to play games and put a woman through a series of tests to make sure that she is worth the wait. Check out some things that men look out for in relationships.

1. Are you using me?silhouette-1517089_960_720

Obviously no man wants a woman that will use him for a meal ticket. However, it doesn’t always have to be about money. Sometimes they want to know if they are a rebound. Sometimes they want to know if you are just using them as a space filler. He wants to know that you are really interested in him and not what he has to offer.

Many men will ask a woman on a very cheap date to see how they will react. This is different from him asking you to come over to his house and “chill.”He might ask if you’d like to take a walk in the park rather than go to a very fancy restaurant. If you respond negatively he might assume you aren’t really interested in him.

2.  Am I your first choice? Do I mean a lot to you?

A guy might ask some baseline questions. “What do you like in a guy? What happened in your last relationship.” He will ask these questions to find out what you do for guys your really into and guys that you don’t really care for. He might ask  you to make him a meal just to see if you find him special enough. Women fail these tests because they don’t realize that the guy may be testing them.

3. Do you have my back?

Just like women guys want to know that you are loyal. Just as you want someone that you can lean on so does he! He wants to know that that he can trust you. I spoke more about this in my post about 6 Secret Ways to Keep Your Man Happy.

4. Can you be trusted?

This is a no brainer. Nobody can truly love someone that they can’t trust. He wants to know he can trust you with things like his ATM pin and house keys.

5. Are you vindictive 

If something happens and you flip out he will begin worrying how you are going to behave in the future. If you are serious about a guy don’t get crazy and bleach all his cloths, bust his car windows, call up his job, or anything like that. This is the fastest road to a breakup. Even if he loves you he will always fear that you will do something even worse if he makes a mistake in the future.

What other tests do you know men give women?

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