The Pressure to have a lavish wedding

With wedding blogs such as Bella NaijaNigerian Wedding, and Wedding Digest Naija the pressure to have a huge lavish wedding is increasing by the day. If you can a00fford a lavish wedding please by all means enjoy yourself. But if you know you don’t have the money do what you can afford! Nobody will look down on you!!!!! Brides want to be have huge weddings that often come with huge price tags! Please always keep in mind that having a beautiful wedding does not mean you will have a beautiful marriage.

Every woman deserves a day where she gets to wear a beautiful white gown and pledge her life to her husband. However, this does not have to bankrupt you and your future husband before your marriage even begins! You can still have a beautiful wedding with a reasonable price tag. Check out my post about DIY wedding decor or DIY bouquets for some money saving tips!

Furthermore, please don’t  struggle to compete with another friend that got married before you. She is not living the same life as you. Just  because Funmi had Wande Coal, fireworks, and  ballet dancers doesn’t mean you must have it as well! Funmi and her husband might break up in two years time because of their poor financial planning you never know!

3 ways to know your spending too much on your weddingKenAng-111

1. You have to take out a huge loan

If you have to take out a big loan for your wedding you’ve spent too much. Live within your means. Remember you will have to pay this loan back. This will set you back financially which is very risky for any new couple starting out. Finances is one of the top reasons for divorce!

To elaborate on this taking out a loan of $5,000 to ensure that if issues arise on the day you are covered is different from taking out a $75,000 loan to pay for the wedding. Think about it by the time you pay for rent/mortgage, student loans, car note, and personal up keep how much disposable income do you have left? Now imagine adding another monthly bill all because of a wedding that will only be one day. It doesn’t make sense. Cut where you can cut and enjoy your peace of mind.

2. You have to save over 2 years

This is especially true if you and your fiancé do not already own a home. Saving for a very long period of time isn’t advisable. Remember your wedding day is only one day! You still have a life time of celebrations. You will still have birthdays, graduations, baby showers, anniversaries and more. Why invest too much into one day? If you don’t own a home what business do you have saving for 3 years for your wedding?

IMHO you should raise however much you can in one year and have your wedding jeje. You don’t want to end up like one of those women who were eKenAng-185ngaged for 4 years and then the engagement broke off.  Cut your coat according to your size!

3. Your family is starting to caution you about spending

If most of the expense is falling on your family and they are complaining cut back!  Don’t put an unnecessary burden on your family.

***Bonus*** Your counting on money that you will be “sprayed” to pay vendor balances. This is a big no no! The purpose of that money is to help you start off your new life. Also people might shock you and not spray as much as you anticipated then what will happen?

Do you plan on having a lavish wedding? How much do you think is too much to spend on a wedding?



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