Overpriced Aso Ebi!

Aso Ebi has been a hot topic for African women for ages! For those of us who may not know the formal name of it or call  it something else Aso Ebi is the material the celebrants offer their family and friends to wear on the day of the celebration. Aso Ebi is meant to show support,unity, and represent sides of the family. Aso ebi fabrics are usually matching Ankara or Lace material with head ties (gele) associated with it. It is always super fun to be apart of the people wearing Aso Ebi for any occasion. You feel important and are usually given preferential treatment. Everyone always anticipates who will sew the hottest style and it just adds to the overall beauty of the day.

However, whenever theres a way to raise money Africans will always find a way to form a swindle! Brides are notorious for hiking up the Aso Ebi price when they do not have enough to pay for their wedding. Check out my post on lavish weddings to learn more about this. Aso Ebi is not meant to fund your event! It is meant to support and add beauty to your celebration.

Why is your Aso Ebi $250.00? Was the lace made by tiny magical fairies? Are we the celebrants? Calm down sister! Imagine if someone has 6 events  in one year thats already a $1,500 bA+K-143ill! Thats not even adding the cost of actually sewing the outfit. Be considerate of your friends and family. To avoid too much confusion many people opt to just have gele only or tell people to wear a certain color.

All Aso Ebi is not always over priced. Honestly, I give more respect to those that price their Aso Ebi fairly. When you do not put a huge price tag on the fabric your guest will know that you cut your coat according to your size. We know that you did not use us to fund the event. Try to keep your Aso Ebi price to a minimum. IMHO under $150.00 is reasonable.

3 Ways to know your Aso Ebi is Over Priced

1. You are selling the fabric for over 3 times the actual cost.

Firstly, any person that is suspecting you of taking advantage can easily visit a few fabric sites/stores and find out how much you actually spent on the fabric. Don’t give your friends and family a reason to gist about you. Respect yourself!  If you bought the fabric for $60 please do not charge people $200 its not fair!

2. Everyone is scheming on how they can pay less 

If everyone is asking how they can maybe share the Aso Ebi with another person your Aso Ebi may cost too much. This is not a sure sign because some people might just want to pay less but if everyone is doing it please reevaluate the cost. 976997_10151624520633118_616675986_o.jpg

3. Even your very close friends can’t afford the fabric

If even your very tight friends are giving you excuses why they can’t buy your Aso Ebi it might cost too much. If people start asking you questions like “well can I just wear the color of the day” try and evaluate if you have inflated the cost too much. If you have to literally force it into their hands that means they don’t want to buy it. You want to be in a position where you run out of fabric rather than being left with surplus because the price was too high!

Have you ever had a bad experience with buying Aso Ebi? Share your story 


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  2. 1st time on your blog and coming from a bride to be this has been very helpful.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Thanks for visiting! Im happy you found the information helpful! xoxo


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