Moving From Friends with Benefits to Girlfriend

Have you been in a “situationship” with  a guy from sometime thats going no where? Do you want it to be more but doesn’t seem to care? Here are some ways to move on from friends with benefits to girlfriend.

Be Genuine with yourself

You need to admit to yourself that you are a friend with benefit. The key to fixing a problem is acknowledging theres are problem. If you do nothing but have sex with a guy you are a friend with benefit my sister. Don’t get played because you are falling in love with words instead of actions.It is not the end of the world. However, before anything can change you need to realize whats going on.

Figure out whats wrong

Firstly, you can find some secret tips on making him happy here. There maybe something thats missing thats keeping you in this position. You need to figure out what it might be. Maybe you don’t like to cook, maybe he doesn’t like how you wear your hair, maybe he just thinks your personality is annoying. If you aren’t girlfriend material to him sometimes it will never change and you need to move on. If what he doesn’t like is a quick fix go ahead and fix it and then reevaluate the relationship.

Offer more than sex

You need to do something other than be sexually available. Everytime you meet up shouldn’t be at your place or his place. Offer something else. You should do other things, movies, concerts, dinner whatever. He should see that you can offer other things. Put yourself in a situation where you are not so available. If he isn’t willing to do other  things with you he isn’t willing to get serious about the relationship.

What to do if you can’t get out of the” situationship”

heart-34655__180Cut him off

Don’t call. Don’t text. Don’t contact him at all. If he refuses to become serious about you leave him alone. Respect yourself. Don’t fall for any stupid tricks.  Don’t let him show up at your place begging. Don’t let him trick you back into the same position. Leave that man alone. You can do better!

Spend time with yourself

Learn yourself. Learn what you like and dislike. Learn what was wrong in the past relationship. Learn what you want in a new relationship. You will keep on ending up in the same situation if you don’t spend time having a personal relationship with yourself. Doing this will also give the old guy some time to miss you. This is your time to #GlowUp. There is no better motivation to get yourself together than heartache!

Consider a replacement

Nobody is irreplaceable. Now that you’ve learned to love yourself you can learn to love someone else. Go on dates. See who else is out there. You might surprise yourself and find someone that is just so much better.

Don’t be quick to take him back

Men have this funny thing that they like to do. They vanish for a period of time and then come back later. It might be a month later it might be 2 years later but he will sha come back. Don’t be foolish now that you have the upper hand!  Just because he’s coming back doesn’t mean he is now serious! He might just be trying to see if he can play you again. Don’t be stupid about it. Some men may mature and be ready for a relationship others are just permanent time wasters! Make sure that its real.

What are your experiences with moving from friends with benefits to girlfriend?

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